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Mike Knox is a public servant and knows that Houstonians rely on him to work diligently, honestly and for their best interest – not to help his own agenda, or for special interests. Count on Mike to say what he will do, and to do what he says.


Mike Knox will always be honest with Houstonians. They can count on Mike to tell the truth, to be fair, and to make sure the city government works for the citizens he serves.


Mike Knox has shown time and again he holds his responsibility to serve the residents of Houston with the seriousness our city deserves. He will not treat the office as an opportunity for self-promotion or use it for a personal agenda. Mike Knox knows he answers to the people of Houston.


Mike Knox has earned the trust of Houstonians. From his days in the U.S. Air Force, to more than 15 years serving the city as a Houston Police Officer, and in the last four years as an At-Large member of Houston City Council, Mike Knox has worked to provide solutions and service that Houstonians deserve and expect.