Mike Knox has a long history of honorable public service.  He served in the United States Air Force from 1975 to 1979. Upon completion of his commitment to the USAF Mike returned to Houston where he began his career with the Houston Police Department graduating out of HPD Class 90 in 1980.  During his career with HPD Mike served as a Patrol Officer, Dispatcher, Juvenile Investigator and as a General Investigator and Gang Investigator at the Westside Command Station. 

While assigned to the Westside Command Station, Mike saw a need to create a specialized unit to deal with street gangs.  He researched and presented a plan of action to the Houston Police Department which approved the creation of the first Divisional Gang Unit in the Houston Police Department in 1988.

Mike Knox served his fellow Police Officers as a Director of the Houston Police Union.  In this capacity he served as the Chairman of the Legislative Committee and represented the interests of the HPPU with local, state and federal elected officials.  Mike Knox also became the editor of the HPPU monthly newspaper, “The Sentinel”.

Mike Knox continued his education through HPD in-service training and by attending both the Houston Community College and the University of Houston-Downtown. While working and raising a family, Mike obtained an Associate of Arts degree and later obtained a Baccalaureate degree.  Mike possesses a Master Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Mike Knox used his experience and observations as a gang investigator to write a book on the subject, “Gangsta in the House”, in 1995.  This book led him to opportunities to share his knowledge of gangs with a wider audience and he subsequently left HPD to begin a career as an independent consultant to schools, law enforcement agencies, juvenile detention and adult prisons, hospitals and general communities throughout North America.  Mike Knox was a full-time operator of this consultant business from 1995 to 2015 when he was elected to the Houston City Council.  Mike still consults on a part-time basis.

Mike Knox ran in 2015 and was elected to the Houston City Council where he holds the office of At-Large Position One.  Mike was re-elected in 2019 to the same position and will “term out” on January 3, 2024.  During his tenure as a Houston Council Member, Mike has developed a reputation of being both fair and tough.  He often confronts the mayor when he believes the mayor overextends his authority.  However, Mike maintains a professional and respectful relationship with Mayor Turner by arguing salient points and policy while avoiding personal attacks. 

Mike Knox has the trust of many influencers and residents in every part of the city because he does what he says he will do.  He is always ready to help overcome whatever problems are presented to him by the citizens of Houston.  They know he will listen, regardless of their political affiliation, and take appropriate action when necessary.

Mike Knox is a native Houstonian.  He attended Westbury High School where he met and subsequently married his High School Sweetheart in 1977.  Mike and Helen raised a son who followed his father into the Houston Police Officer where he served with distinction until his death in the line of duty on May 2, 2020. Mike and Helen are also the proud grandparents of two.

Mike Knox is running for Sheriff of Harris County in 2024. He will listen. He will act. His decisions will be fair, and based in reason, logic, and fact. He will do his best to protect the safety of the people of Harris County.