Real Estate Titan J. Carter Breed Endorses Mike Knox for Houston City Council

Carter Breed is a giant in the Houston real estate market in residential and commercial property sales. Today, he publicly announced his support for Mike Knox for Houston City Council, At-Large 1.
carter breed'“Mike is not only a good man with strong principles, he has also become a good friend over the last many years. He knows business, and he will help advance business and new job opportunities for Houston residents. Mike gets things done.
“Mike understands the connection between prospering businesses and quality of life. Simply talking about reducing red tape does nothing to improve quality of life.

“Working with other members of City Council to create better conditions for start-up businesses and lessen the burden on existing businesses improves quality of life for everyone,” Breed added. “Mike is the right man, at the right time.”

Mike responded, “Carter Breed is an active member of the Houston real estate community, and does something with his talents that brings joy and hope to others: gives them a roof.  He is a business owner who employs people and works every day to build on the enterprise he has created.  Carter’s story is a story like many business owners in Houston. I want to empower businesses and their employees to succeed and grow. Thank you Carter for your support.”

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